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COS Freshmen Puzzle Hunt Winners!

On August 21, the COS Council hosted its very first social event, the COS Freshmen Puzzle Hunt. Designed for the Class of 2024, the Puzzle Hunt was a 90-minute virtual event meant to help freshmen meet their COS peers outside the classroom. The registered freshmen represent a diverse array of interests: ~50% intend to major in COS BSE, ~10% intend to major in COS AB, ~25% intend to pursue an Applications of Computing certificate, and the remaining express a general interest in computer science.

Over 80 freshmen rose to the challenge. As the puzzle hunt commenced, the 16 teams raced against the clock to solve 16 puzzles in an hour.

After the competition concluded, Team Jenny (Melissa Woo, Tanvi Haldiya, Daniel Flyer, Christine Sun, and Yongwei Che) won 1st place, Team 3rd Place (Andrew Tao, Archika Dogra, Eric Ahn, Daniel Simone, and Ameya Vaidya) won 2nd place, and Team Pyth1 (Jeremy Dapaah, Bryan Wang, Rishabh Rout, Louis Pang, Austen Mazenko, and Michelle Huang) won 3rd place. The winning teams will receive COS swag, including phone wallets, bottles, beanies, and sports sacks. Congratulations to all teams!

Despite the upcoming remote semester, we hope the great Class of 2024 enjoyed the challenge and was able to establish new friendships. We thank all of the participants for joining, and we welcome all feedback so that we can continue hosting your favorite activities.

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