The COS Council is a small group of undergraduate students who serve as liaisons between the Computer Science Department and the student body. We work closely with department faculty and staff to improve the experience for undergraduates in the department, namely by:


community among concentrators and certificate students


the academic and professional interests of students

communication between students and faculty


Our Mission

Represent the voices of the Computer Science undergraduates to the University in order to enhance the experience of students in the department.

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The following are the COS Council Members for the 2020-2021 term. Council members are appointed via application process in the Spring.

Haley Zeng


Haley is a COS major getting a certificate in Theater. On campus she does tech for the Triangle Club and is a member of Brown Co-op.

Noa Zarur


Noa Zarur is a rising senior at Princeton University from Los Angeles. Noa is majoring in Computer Science (BSE) with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Technology Policy. This summer she is interning as a PM at Microsoft in the Business 360 AI team. On campus she has served as the President of the Princeton Entrepreneurship Club (E-Club).  She has also served as President of Envision and as treasurer of the Princeton Society for Women Engineers (SWE). 

Sophie Li

Tech Chair

I'm from California and am COS BSE '23. I enjoy illustration, design, and creative writing in my free time. I am excited to be on the COS council this year! Please feel free to reach out to me.

Allan Korir

Liaison/Community Outreach Chair

I am Allan Korir, a COS major and member of the class of 2021. I was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. I enjoy playing/ watching soccer, learning new musical instruments, and recently developed a liking for taking random walks . I will be the Community Outreach Chair for the COS Council 2020-2021, and I look forward to (virtually) meeting and interacting with you all this coming year!

Morgan Teman

Workshop Co-Chair

Morgan is a member of the class of 2023 from Delray Beach, FL, and is super excited to serve as one of your Workshop Chairs! Outside of the COS Council, Morgan is an Orange Key Tour Guide, a member of Shere Khan A Cappella, a writer for All-Nighter, an actor in l’Avant-Scène, a team member of IgniteSTEM, and is a Lab TA for COS 126. When she isn’t participating in one of these clubs, she is probably watching “How I Met Your Mother,” the greatest TV show of all time.

Jessica Yeh

Workshop Co-Chair


I'm a COS B.S.E major intending to pursue a certificate in Engineering Biology and Finance with research interests in bioinformatics. At Princeton, I'm with the Princeton Taekwondo Team and Princeton ACM. 

Michelle Woo

Academic Chair

Michelle is a junior studying Computer Science from Riverside, Connecticut. She also loves hiking, figure skating, and cooking up new kitchen creations!

Matthew Fastow

Social Co-Chair


Hey everyone! My name is Matthew Fastow, and I am a COS major from Houston, TX, pursuing certificates in SML and Urban Studies. I'm super excited to be a social chair for this year's COS Council!

Daphne Barretto

Social Co-Chair

Daphne Barretto is a COS B.S.E. concentrator in the class of 2023. She works as Social Chair for the COS Council.