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The COS Council is a small group of undergraduate students who serve as liaisons between the Computer Science Department and the student body. We work closely with department faculty and staff to improve the experience for undergraduates in the department, namely by:


community among concentrators and certificate students


the academic and professional interests of students

communication between students and faculty


Our Mission

Represent the voices of the Computer Science undergraduates to the University in order to enhance the experience of students in the department.

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The following are the COS Council Members for the 2023-2024 term. Council members are appointed via application process in the Spring.

Vicky Feng



From Sydney, Australia


Fun fact: I love food! I once mistook an eraser for a gummy and took a bite; to this day erasers still scare me…

Elise Kratzer


Elise Headshot (2)_edited.png

From Menlo Park, CA


Fun fact: I love cycling around the Bay Area with my dad!

Jenny Li

Social Co-Chair

From Vancouver, BC


Fun fact: You can probably find me at Frist right now. Come say hi for more fun facts!

Kien Nguyen

Social Co-Chair


From Houston, TX


Fun fact: I love listening to music, playing volleyball, and thrifting! I’m also involved with VSA, SASE, and WPRB.

Eden Bendory

Social Co-Chair


From New Jersey


Fun fact: I speak Hebrew

Marvin Chen

Academic Co-Chair

marvin headshot.jpg

From San Francisco, CA


Fun fact: I studied abroad in South Korea this past summer!

Lacey Rose DeLucia

Academic Co-Chair


From Staten Island, NY


Fun fact: I am a cereal connoisseur

Kayla Xu

Workshop Co-Chair


From San Diego, CA


Fun fact: I love to write creative short stories, and am hoping to spin my grandma’s accounts of her past into a published book some day :)

Arti Schmidt

Workshop Co-Chair


From Emmaus, PA


Fun fact: I love backpacking and skiing.

Yi Jin Toh

Workshop Co-Chair


From Malaysia


Fun fact: I cover my ears with my hair when I sleep so that bugs don’t crawl inside.

Sarah Elsharkawi

Workshop Co-Chair

Sarah (1)_edited.jpg

From Cairo, Egypt


Fun fact: I love playing Mario Kart (Yoshi is my favorite!)

Rachel Chen

Communications Co-Chair

rachel intro 2.jpg

From Gloucester City, NJ


Fun fact: I’m double jointed

Shelby Fulton

Communications Co-Chair


From Sarasota, FL


Fun fact: I love reading and playing pool!

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